I don’t want a damn salad!!

As someone living the gluten free life, my dietary needs often get overlooked at functions where my friends or family aren’t hosting. Usually I get the standard response. Oh … right … well, there’s salad. Oh, and fruit! You can have fruit right?
Uh ya, it’s pretty much what I live off of. Thanks for thinking of me.

I know I sound like sour grapes, but heres the thing. I don’t eat gluten free because I want to lose weight (as if that works anyways) or because I want to be in on the newest fad. I eat gluten free because if I don’t, I will get super sick and probably be laid up in bed (and bathroom – TMI) for a good three days. Then, later in life, I’ll die from all of my gluten-consumption. If I was doing this by choice, I could totally understand the whole “have some salad thing”, but because I have to eat this way, it really irks me. Whenever I have people coming to meetings or events, I always ask for their dietary concerns and accommodate those. I’m not asking for a whole gluten free spread, but it’s not like some protein would be so hard to come by. Here’s some chicken – hey, let’s not put it in a sandwich. Excellent!

Okay, enough complaining.

As the Tri looms closer, I start to try and not think about it. It’s happening in exactly 17 days. Oh. Dear. God.

I know my swimming has vastly improved. But the idea of being in the open water with all of these thrashing people around me … Terrifying. I know they say you should be prepared to get kicked in the face (done), have your legs grabbed (done) and various other violating/groping type feelings (done), but all at once? Terrifying!
My goal is simply to survive the swim. I want to swim strong, not get freaked out and start to lift my head while my legs sink, causing me to kick harder, lose my breath and have to stop. I just want to get from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time, not stop and not get scared. Essentially I want to be able to feel relaxed in that washing machine of craziness.
My knee has really been bugging me lately – though thankfully this week it has been better. Speed work seems to irritate it. Since we’re just doing tempo now and haven’t even started track work, I’m a little worried for what may come. Hopefully my constant icing and resisting crossing my legs will be good enough to keep me going without seeing the chiropractor every week.

If this tri goes well, we will likely be doing another one in September. Crazy? Yes! Of course! But where we would be without craziness. Thankfully I had a great open water swim last week, so the idea of it isn’t nearly as horrifying. Positive thoughts!

Wedding is coming closer too (since it’s a week after the tri). I still have so much to do, but I’m trying to enjoy myself. There’s really nothing we can do at this point but gather everything together and put faith in everything turning out well.

Time to eat. I really need to write more often – must. stop. slacking!

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Wedding Frenzy

The wedding day stress I had so successfully eluded until now has finally caught up with me. Last night, rather than sleeping, my mind was racing with the thousands of things we still need to do, what dollars are owed and to who, when things need to be completed by, etc. All the panic seems to have correlated with the sending out of the invitations. Almost like as soon as they went out everything became real. Crap. We actually have to do this now that we’ve invited people! 

What started as the thought for a small, intimate wedding of no more than 80 people has somehow expanded to around 130-150. I don’t even know anymore. How sad is that? I guess I’ll count as the RSVPs come in. I insisted on having the RSVPs done the traditional way — being mailed back to me. Some people might think that e-rsvps are the way to go, but nothing beats getting an rsvp card back with a sweet message. So far everyone has written something personal on them, and there is really no requirement to do that. I love it. One of my friends wrote about how her and her husband actually drove my fiancé to our friends house the night he proposed (he proposed later when we were back at my house) and how calm he seemed. She couldn’t believe he was harbouring my engagement ring in his pocket the entire night. Can’t get memories like that on someone rsvp-ing through a website! Or maybe I’m just old fashioned. I still adore sending and receiving letters. I have a friend who also enjoys sending letters. It’s almost fitting that he lives a few cities away so we don’t look like psychos when we mail letters to each other. It’s a good way to keep each other up to date too. I recommend everyone find a letter-writing friend. I promise, it’s more exciting than receiving your new book from amazon in the mail! I did a buzzfeed quiz recently that said I should have been born in the 50s. This may be further proof of that point. 

In other related tri-news, we are doing our first open water swim this saturday followed by a 5k run. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about OWS, like people who are super confident in the water just freaking out. As someone who is not so confident in the water, I’m a little worried. I’ll do my best to stay calm though. Freaking out will accomplish nothing and water zombies are not interested in a slow swimmer like me anyways. 
We are also starting the farmers market this weekend, selling gfree goods, so it will be a loooong and busy day! Still need to find some time to make a lasagna for my dad for fathers day (everyone gets food related gifts until after the wedding – plus he loves my lasagna) and find a wedding veil. I’m sorry David’s Bridal, but I’m not paying $200 for a piece of lace. 

Happy Hump Day all! 


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Must be the world’s worst blogger

I am terrible at updating this thing. Really must make it more of a daily thing. I always think about what to post, but getting out the laptop can be such a pain in the butt!

This weekend we did out first “Brick Training” session. Needless to say, it was a rude awakening to the realities of the tri. Of course, out torturous, sometimes-coach could be part of the reason (Don’t worry – we actually love him, especially since we will be so much stronger and ready for our first attempt).
So here’s what we did. Our original plan was to swim Saturday morning, grab some breakfast and visit the tri store to see about those padded shorts for the bike. Plans changed dramatically when we were told it was time to get on the bike instead.
We started out with a 15k “warm-up” bike ride – moderate effort? Sure, maybe for someone who has been on a bike in the last year … or two. For me, it’s probably been about 15 (unless you count spin class, but you don’t need to balance those two wheels on a spin bike). Thankfully, those people who say you never forget how to ride a bike are right. It only took about 30 seconds before I was confident riding on the road, turning corners, stopping and starting. One hurdle, jumped!
Anyways, started out with our “warm-up” (pfft) and immediately after put the bikes down in our transition area and went on a 1.1 run at about a 5:15-5:20 pace, then back to ride 2.6km – we did this 3 times. It is insanely hard to run after riding! My legs felt like jello! I am so glad we have our running coach guiding us through this (Mr. Ironman x2) because without him we’d probably end up thrashing around in the water on race day and collapsing halfway through the bike ride. Maybe not, but we certainly have a huge benefit here!
After all was said and done, we finally had our breakfast and then hightailed it to the store to get padded bike shorts. Nothing like 20+km on a bike to show you how necessary they are. Felt like someone beat my girlie bits with a sledgehammer (TMI? Too soon?). Whatevs, bike shorts are an amazing invention!! Holy crap they’re expensive though. All in the name of multi-sport.

I have to be somewhat frugal though. I’m getting married in eight weeks … EIGHT WEEKS
So the vendors are all asking for $$ right now. How fun for my bank account!

Alright, signing off. Going to get better at posting frequently, I swear!

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Sick sick sick

Hey there blog world, 

I’ve been a terrible blogger! I need to get used to this and maybe blog more than once per week! 
I’ve had a terrible cold this week. I originally thought my sore throat was from inhaling too much pool water but the next day it turned into the cold from hell. Boss sent me home from work and I’ve been home since Wednesday. Not fun when you have a ton of work to do and can barely hold your head up. Thankfully I’m feeling better now – at least well enough to go stand in line at Service Ontario for two hours for my license plate sticker x_x
That was a very annoying wait. The man behind me kept exhaling on me. It sounds weird, but he would literally exhale for 20 seconds on me. Kinda gross. Super disturbing. He also stood really close to me. So when I would move forward, I’d keep one leg in place behind me so he couldn’t come as close as he had been. It was like he was a cross between a heavy breather and a close-talker. Neither option is very pleasant. I  decided to go to Whole Foods after to celebrate my accomplishment of getting my sticker before it expired this year (seriously, has never happened before!) Sadly, they have stopped selling Mary B’s gluten free pierogis 😦 I was totally fine with paying $9.99 for 12 pierogis. I mean, I know it was really expensive, but they were good!! Instead I got the only other option, which I’m pretty sure is actually pasta. The bag is very confusing, as are the pierogis (if that’s what they really are)

Exhibit A

ImageExhibit B 


Any ideas on what these things actually are? Tasted good fried with sour cream anyways. 

In terms of Tri training, only two days of swimming this week. Progress is being made thankfully! I’m getting a little better at not suffocating and taking in water when my head is under 😉 I should be able to do the front crawl properly soon. Thank goodness we started with a Try a Tri. The idea of a sprint tri is just terrifying. 

Likely going on a bike ride tomorrow, and definitely running on Sunday. Next week I’ll slowly be getting back into everything and will develop a proper training schedule. I’ll have no choice if I plan to fit everything in and still have a life.

The fiancé and I are going to be doing the local Farmer’s market here, so Fridays and Saturdays are going to be very busy days. Let’s hope our gluten free baked goodies help us pay for our wedding! 

My cousin is getting married at the same venue as us this weekend. We’re using this opportunity to see if chair covers are necessary since they opted not to use them. I’d like to save $2000 if we can! 

Happy long weekend! 





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Swimming … Harder than it looks

This week (following a gruelling half marathon on Sunday) me and some of my running pals decided to get into the pool and see where we are at for our Try a Tri coming up in July. It may only be a 400 m swim, but still very drownable. 

Needless to say – we have some work to do!! 

I seemed to have forgotten how much I hate getting water up my nose. Swimming isn’t very efficient with your head above water (though it is possible if you’re determined like I am), so Thursday I focused on forcing myself to dive in face first over and over and over and just breathe through my nose. I was able to do half of a length (baby steps, right?) with the whole swimming and coming up for air without suffocating. Next swim I’m aiming for 3/4 of the way, and then full. Don’t worry. We’ve got three months to get this down. We won’t be those people who enter their first Tri without ever getting into the water. This is something I think we all want to keep going with, so we are going to do our best to go out there and kill it. Water up the nose and all. 

I realized I started my first blog post and completely failed to mention that half marathon I had run the day before. It was my 4th and by far my fastest (1:59:43). I pounded out the first 16km with a sweet average pace around 5:25-5:35/km (some at 5:15), but 16km hit me hard and I had to really push myself to keep going. I was so happy I managed to finish under 2:00 – especially when my goal was 2:05 (original) and then dropped to 2:02. If you’re a runner, you know how much those minutes mean. 

As I get more comfortable, I will begin to share more info about myself, but for now, I’m the running away from gluten gal, who hates water up her nose and finally ran a sub two hour half. I’ve got plans to get into the pool 2-3x a week, probably 4x a week come July. It will be interesting to see how to balance this with the gym and running, but I definitely see some doubled up training days in my future. 

Suggestions on how to get over water-in-the-nose-phobia would be greatly appreciated. I’ve got the determination and perseverance, but any tips would be helpful 🙂

Happy Friday!


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I began this blog several weeks ago (possibly months – time is flying by so fast). My first post deleted itself, so I got annoyed and abandoned blog world. But after having people constantly tell me that I need to start a blog, I’ve decided to give this another shot.

I can’t promise this will be interesting, though I do tend to get into odd situations.

I guess I will share a few details to get myself started:

-In a few weeks I will officially be in my late twenties. Blech!
-I love running and have completed four half marathons and two 30kms. I still haven’t tried the full marathon, but know I have a lot of mental training to do to get there. Also, running without being able to consume gluten can get difficult, so I’m sure I’ll discuss that often
-I am getting married in 3 months. I’m doing my first Triathlon 6 days before my wedding. Crazy? Probably.
-I moved in with my fiancé one year ago and we haven’t killed each other yet (case in point: the wedding is still on)
-I work in the non-profit world. Still not sure what I want to do, so actively trying to figure that out.

I’m a pretty active person, I love eating and all things chocolate, and I don’t believe in counting calories, dieting, or eliminating carbs. I may not be able to eat gluten, but I’ll eat potatoes, rice and various other carbs till the cows come home.

So we’ll see how this blog thing goes as I chronicle my life for the interested reader. I’m sure I’m just like you, with maybe a bunch of random twists and unfortunate situations to mix things up a bit. If anything, at least you can laugh 😉

Till next time!

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